My Cup Overfloweth

I’m finally starting to feel settled back into the normal routines after spending an information-packed week at Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photography Bootcamp.  By signing up for it, I mentally made a commitment to DO something with this beloved hobby of mine.  So, here I go.  I’m pushing myself forward and starting to check off little action items.

Action Item #1:  Create a Facebook page.  All “Likes” are very appreciated, of course!  I’ll be posting some information and photographs soon, along with my portfolio-building specials!  Find me at Kristen Johnson Images.

Action Item #2:  Build Up My Porfolio.  This is the fun part.  I’m really excited about this, but first, I have to finalize my pricing information.  The Porfolio-Building offer is going to be a great deal, and I’m excited to offer this to those who have asked about family or child portrait sessions!

Action Item #3:  Tweak, re-arrange, beautify, and clarify things on my blog and website.  Oh, and formalize the business end of things.

Oh, and the week in Sisters, Oregon was absolutely amaaazing…  I don’t know how to express or explain exactly what it was like, except that it was inspiring, informational, fun, emotional, and just what I needed… when I needed it.  On day one, Kevin told us how past participants felt during their time at bootcamp, that it was almost like information overload at times.  He was right.  At times, it did feel overwhelming, but it was overwhelming in a good way!  I came away with more information that I could possibly have learned in such a short time.  Compared to where I was before, my cup of knowledge and inspiration is overflowing.

Now to the photos.  Here are a few from the model shoots.

Maria was an amazing bride model for us.  So envious of her beautiful blue eyes and dark hair!

This shot of Maria was taken with a Lensbaby Composer.

Kristin was also an amazing model.  Gorgeous.

Okay, now I’m off to write down the REAL list of things to do!  It’s gonna be a long list!