Mi Familia

I love that my 4-year old asked me the other day, “Mama, do you know what Mi Familia means?  It means My Family.” 

This is My Family.


Marina Portraits with the Busch Family [Family Portrait Photographer | Port Angeles, WA]

I had a really fun session last weekend with the Busch family.  It was sunny outside, but that didn’t mean it was warm!  The Busch family was so wonderful, you’d never know that their bones were probably freezing that day. 

They have a family boat, so it was a great location for them. They have a lot of memories here, and it was a fun place to shoot!

Kaitlyn’s toothless smile was so adorable and contagious!

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A Beautiful Place to Ski

Last weekend, my daughter entered the Citizens Races at Hurricane Ridge.  It was beautiful, and it was a great day to go up to the mountain.  Both our girls had been taking ski lessions there, and they had so much fun eating skittles, drinking hot chocolate, and of course, learning to ski.

How did my daughter do?  She did great!  She got a silver medal!  Granted, there were two girls in her age group, but still!  We couldn’t have been more proud.

Here’s my family after the race.

Our Last Supper [with Bruce & Rosemary]

My dear great-grandparents-in-law have sold their house and are moving back to warmer pastures (Las Vegas).  With the current real estate market, we were hoping to have them around for a while longer, but they received an offer they couldn’t refuse and are getting ready to get back to more family and more sunshine. 

As we were finishing up our last supper together, I thought we could try our own version of the infamous painting by Leonardo da Vinci (with a little digital paint job for authenticity).  Why not, right?

This is my family.  We’re going to miss you, Bruce and Rosemary.

Family Portrait Photographer | Sequim, WA {The Grasser Family}

I met a wonderful family, the Grassers, about a week ago.  They are such a nice family.  They have a lovely piece of property in Sequim, which provided a perfect backdrop for some family portraits. 

Alisha is just a natural beauty, inside and out.

Mom and dad are a lovely couple, so nice and easy going.

I absolutely loved their property.  I wanted to pitch a tent in their back yard, it was so pretty!

And Joe is the cutest little brother, with so much fun, positive energy.