Ree Drummond, a.k.a. Pioneer Woman, has posted a new assignment: Four Legs!  I just happened to have a couple of recent four-legged friend photos, so I thought I’d play.


She’s the younger (but bigger) of our two Boston Terriers.  She’s sweet, loving, and stinky as all get out.

I kid you not.


This fuzzy, little cutie belongs to my great-grandparents-in-law (that’s a legit term, right?).  He’s adorable all right, but he will probably bite at your ankles.


Distorted Dog Shots

I recently purchased a 20mm super-wide angle lens, which isn’t really a super-wide on my D90, but I had a little fun testing out some wide-angle shots with Paisley, one of our Boston Terriers.  As you can tell, Paisley is no spring chicken anymore.  She’s got some beautiful white hair on her face, but she’s still as sweet as when we picked her up as a puppy over ten years ago.

I ♥ Faces: Pets

This weeks I ♥ Faces photo challenge is Pets.  Riley has been with us since she was a shy, timid puppy, over nine years ago!  Paisley, her big sis, was full of energy and insanely outgoing while Riley was her polar opposite.  It didn’t take much time for their personalities to mesh and Paisley calmed down a bit while Riley came out of her shell. 

Riley loves my girls and lets them do whatever they want with her. 

She just loves to be loved.

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I ♥ Faces: Pets Only

This week’s photo challenge focuses on pets.  We have two Boston Terriers, Paisley and Riley.  The poor things used to be my primary models when practicing photography, but after the girls came along, the dogs were photographed less and less.  It was fun to try out pet portraiture again!



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