Another Bee and Blossom Shot

I’m still pretty proud of myself for not letting the swarm of bees hovering around the fruit trees deter me from getting up close and personal with my camera.  Here’s another one.

Do these stripes make my rear end look big?


Cherry Blossoms

I was really excited to see our plum tree in blossom a few weeks ago.  Nothing speaks to the beginning of spring like blooming flowers!  I tried to capture a bee in one of the plum blossoms, but I was too scared to try more than one shot.  There were so many bees buzzing around, I chickened out.  So, the bee was not quite in focus…  Today, I was happy to see the cherry blossoms were very much in bloom, and there were even more bees this time!  I mustered up some bravery and went in with my camera.  Much better this time!

Happy Easter!

Cherry Blossoms