Marina Portraits with the Busch Family [Family Portrait Photographer | Port Angeles, WA]

I had a really fun session last weekend with the Busch family.  It was sunny outside, but that didn’t mean it was warm!  The Busch family was so wonderful, you’d never know that their bones were probably freezing that day. 

They have a family boat, so it was a great location for them. They have a lot of memories here, and it was a fun place to shoot!

Kaitlyn’s toothless smile was so adorable and contagious!

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The Gavin Family {Portrait Photography | Port Angeles, WA}

The Gavin family is another great family that we know here in town.  They are absolutely amazing.  They have triplet boys, and they are so efficient and loving with everything they do.  It’s quite inspiring really, because when I think I am overwhelmed and have my hands full, I think about families like the Gavins and try to rethink my strategy!

This family is also very creative and well, they can create just about anything!  They have an amazing playhouse in the backyard that Bart built, and there’s no doubt the boys will have many wonderful memories there.

This is Zach.  He was so excited to give me some great smiles for the camera.  It was nice to catch him in little moments like this as well.

Josh is a natural in front of the camera.  I think the camera liked him.  It liked them all.

Luke just got new glasses, and he decided to wear them for the photos.  I think it was a great decision.  He looks great in them!

Cari is a card-carrying member of the SuperMom club.  No joke.  She can manage it all.  And this beautiful dog next to her is Naya, who they rescued from the pound.  She fits in beautifully with this wonderful family.

We’re lucky to live close to water.  That’s Port Angeles in the background!

The triplets.

And mom and dad.

Again, I had so much fun with this session as well.  I’m so lucky to know some great people in this area!

Next up:  The Gray Family!

Ben {Class of 2011}

It’s hard not to be excited for high school seniors.  They have so many wonderful things to look forward to, adventures to experience, and new people to meet.  We found a dry moment of time in an otherwise rainy, cloudy day for some senior portraits.

Ben was such a great sport, and by the looks of it, a natural in front of the camera!

Congratulations!  I hope you have a great senior year!

I ♥ Faces: Beach Fun

This summer has been crazy busy with lots of traveling and visitors!  I’ve taken countless pictures, but haven’t had much time to go through them all.  I did, however, manage in a little time to post a picture from earlier this week.  We took our friends from Spain to La Push, and in true Olympic Peninsula style, it was beautifully overcast and a little chilly… in August!

This picture was taken on Second Beach in La Push (for the Twihard fans, this is Jacob Black’s territory!).  I think, of all the beaches on this peninsula, this one’s my favorite.  It’s a short, but beautiful, hike in; you have to climb over some driftwood to get to the beach, but at low tide, it’s a wonderful place for kids to play in the soft sand.

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Spain 2010 {Getting There}

A few weeks ago, we (Travis, my father-in-law, David, and I) embarked on a two-week journey to Spain.  Catalonia, to be exact.  Travis’ family hosted exchange students when he and his sister were in high school, and Carme (his Catalonian sister) was getting married, so we were excited to go!  Travis and I visited Spain five years ago and had such a great time, and we were looking forward to the wedding, meeting the groom, and seeing the rest of Carme’s family again.

We got started early and made it to Seatac early in the morning, had a questionable breakfast (side note: if there’s no line at a food line, there’s probably a good reason; our breakfast was from some place called something like Wok King, and everything had a hint of fried eggroll taste to it, which was not so complementary to bacon, potatoes and eggs), but hey, who cared, we were going to Spain!

Hasta La Vista, Washington!

After a long, long day of flying from Seatac to JFK to Barcelona, Ponc (Carme’s brother) picked us up at the Airport to take us to their beach house in Llanca.  The weather was very hot and humid, not like the Pacific Northwest where we still wear sweatshirts and jeans in July (not all the time, thank goodness, but it does happen)!  We had a great afternoon with Ponc’s family (his lovely wife, Merce, and their cute little guys, Little Ponc and Quim) and Carme and her wonderful groom-to-be, Albert.  Ponc and Little Ponc are really into soccer, so we decided to bring the boys Sounders jerseys.  Plus, the final game of the World Cup was the night we got there, and Spain was playing the Netherlands!

Our Catalonian Family

The lovely Bride and Groom

Lunch was amazing.  In Spain, lunch is like our dinner.  It’s usually the biggest meal of the day, and we were treated to a beautiful and delicious pan of paella.  The last time we went to Spain, I neglected to take pictures of the food we ate, and I was bound and determined not to make that mistake again this time.

Yummy Paella

It was so nice to finally be in Spain, to kick back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Llanca in the Evening

So, the final soccer game of the World Cup was playing that night.  We decided to head into town to one of the restaurants to have some tapas and watch the game.


The Spanish love their seafood.

More Tapas

Here we are watching the game.  Okay, our backs are to the t.v., but we were eating, turning, and watching.  Notice the excess baggage Travis and I are carrying under our eyes?

Watching the World Cup Game

I made it to halftime…  I was doing the head-bob thing at the table, literally falling asleep (I didn’t sleep at all on the plane rides over).  Carme took me back to the house so as to avoid plunking a major faceplant at the dinner table.  After sleeping for about an hour or so, I heard the neighbors scream, yell, and holler.  It sounded like Spain won! 

Then, I zonked out again…

I missed the finale to the big game, but after getting some sleep, aaahhh… it was so much better.  Check out how beautiful this little beach town is in the morning.

Llanca in the Morning

I still have so many photos to go through, and I’ll be updating posts here over the next couple weeks. 


Valentine’s Day on the West End

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to head out to La Push for the day, hoping the rain would subside and the sun would come out.  Boy, did it ever!  The tides were insane, though; First Beach was blanketed with huge, pounding waves in the early afternoon. 

First Beach


Happy Valentine's Day!


We took a drive around the prairie and let the girls play for a while at a dead end road.

Taryn & Kariya




We headed to Rialto Beach, and the girls were fascinated by the waves and seafoam!  Despite all the solemn looks on their faces in the photos, they really did have fun!



Seafoam Shoes


Seafoam at Rialto Beach


We finished up our day back at First Beach with a beautiful view of James Island.

James Island at First Beach