Mi Familia

I love that my 4-year old asked me the other day, “Mama, do you know what Mi Familia means?  It means My Family.” 

This is My Family.


I ♥ Faces [Wind]

To say that yesterday evening was blustery would be a little bit of an understatement.  However, the timing worked out perfectly for this week’s Photo Challenge!

Here’s my oldest daughter, hangin’ out in the wind.

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Family Portrait Photographer | Port Angeles, WA [The Oakes Family]

I’m a little behind with blogging, but it’s so fun to put photos up here on the old blog.  The Oakes are a really fun family, and the kids are a hoot and a half!  So lively and full of great energy!  We lucked out with beautiful light, and I absolutely loved the tall, neutral-colored grasses.  The neutral background really made the family and colors pop.  I love the clothing colors they chose for this session.

Owen is fun, charismatic, and creative little guy.

And little Daphne is as sweet as they come. 

I ♥ Faces {Best Face Photo of 2010}

I can’t believe 2010 has come and gone.  I took a lot of photos last year, and deciding which photo was really difficult.  It’s almost like asking someone to pick a favorite child (okay, that’s a little overly-dramatic), but still. 

I definitely saw some changes in my work last year.  I started off taking photos for fun, then for friends.  I went to an amazing photography workshop and made the decision to turn this obsessive hobby into a business!

This photo is from one of my recent portfolio-building sessions, and even though the weather was freezing, this guy (and his whole family) did great.

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The Gray Family {Portrait Photography | Port Angeles, WA}

I had a wonderful afternoon with the Gray family a couple of weeks ago.  They are such a wonderful family, and it was so easy to get some great shots of them all.  The light was really beautiful, but it was really cold outside!  They all did great, though, and the boys were so much fun to be around!

Jamison was so cute.  He was so interested in my camera.  I think he may be a future photographer.  Or maybe a gadget guy?

I loved seeing their energy come through in the photos!  They are quite the pair!

If Jaxson was a Gap posterchild, I’d buy whatever he was selling.  These kids are just too cute.

Janet and Jon are just great people and really fun to be around.  Check out their local businesses here and here!

Seriously, I’ll buy the tie and the shirt.

The light, the brick, the old windows, and the couple.  They all just worked!

*sigh*  There’s just too much cuteness running through this family…

If the rain ever stops, I’m ready to snap away some more!  Please let it stop… at least for a while.

The Gavin Family {Portrait Photography | Port Angeles, WA}

The Gavin family is another great family that we know here in town.  They are absolutely amazing.  They have triplet boys, and they are so efficient and loving with everything they do.  It’s quite inspiring really, because when I think I am overwhelmed and have my hands full, I think about families like the Gavins and try to rethink my strategy!

This family is also very creative and well, they can create just about anything!  They have an amazing playhouse in the backyard that Bart built, and there’s no doubt the boys will have many wonderful memories there.

This is Zach.  He was so excited to give me some great smiles for the camera.  It was nice to catch him in little moments like this as well.

Josh is a natural in front of the camera.  I think the camera liked him.  It liked them all.

Luke just got new glasses, and he decided to wear them for the photos.  I think it was a great decision.  He looks great in them!

Cari is a card-carrying member of the SuperMom club.  No joke.  She can manage it all.  And this beautiful dog next to her is Naya, who they rescued from the pound.  She fits in beautifully with this wonderful family.

We’re lucky to live close to water.  That’s Port Angeles in the background!

The triplets.

And mom and dad.

Again, I had so much fun with this session as well.  I’m so lucky to know some great people in this area!

Next up:  The Gray Family!