The Gray Family {Portrait Photography | Port Angeles, WA}

I had a wonderful afternoon with the Gray family a couple of weeks ago.  They are such a wonderful family, and it was so easy to get some great shots of them all.  The light was really beautiful, but it was really cold outside!  They all did great, though, and the boys were so much fun to be around!

Jamison was so cute.  He was so interested in my camera.  I think he may be a future photographer.  Or maybe a gadget guy?

I loved seeing their energy come through in the photos!  They are quite the pair!

If Jaxson was a Gap posterchild, I’d buy whatever he was selling.  These kids are just too cute.

Janet and Jon are just great people and really fun to be around.  Check out their local businesses here and here!

Seriously, I’ll buy the tie and the shirt.

The light, the brick, the old windows, and the couple.  They all just worked!

*sigh*  There’s just too much cuteness running through this family…

If the rain ever stops, I’m ready to snap away some more!  Please let it stop… at least for a while.


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