At the Park

It was cold today.  It even snowed this morning.  So, it was an absolutely perfect day to haul the family out to our little neighborhood park to take some quick family photos!

Now, I don’t know why I haven’t used my tripod more, but it’s such a handy little thing, really.  You put your camera on it, set your timer (I set mine to take three shots when the timer goes off), get in place, count down the seconds in your head, and wallah… a photo with you in it!  Genius, I know, but some of us are a little behind the times.

We were all a little cold.  Travis and Taryn look like they’d rather be inside drinking hot coacoa.  It’s still a keeper for me, though.

But if you start pinching each other, then it gets a little more fun.  Don’t pinch the little ones too hard; it’s kinda frowned upon.  Just give ’em a little squeeze.

Take lots of pictures of your kids.  Don’t worry if they’re not perfect.  Just get up close, get down to their level if you have to, try new angles, make them laugh, catch them when they’re serious, whatever, just snap away.


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