Crescent Bay Sunset

One of the photography blogs I like to check up with every now and then is Pioneer Woman Photography.  She has a great blog full of cooking, photography, and a bunch of other stuff.  If you like sunsets, check out her latest photography assignment: sharing sunrise/sunset photos.  She has quite a following, so there are a ton of contributions!  Here’s mine:

Crescent Bay Sunset



3 thoughts on “Crescent Bay Sunset

  1. The settings I used on this photo are:
    f/32, 1/20 sec., ISO-100

    There really wasn’t enough sunlight to worry too much about overexposure, but probably the best way to deal with that is to adjust your aperature or shutter speed. You can bracket exposures by adjusting either aperature of shutter speed one stop each and take 3 or 4 shots with those different settings. There’s a great book called “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson that I’m reading right now that gives great information for obtaining the right exposure and how to do it creatively. Hope that helps!

  2. Gorgeous photo!
    Thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by my blog!

    P.S. I’ve been hearing a lot about this book. I think I will check more into it. 🙂

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