I ♥ Faces: Best Face Photo

To say that I love “I ♥ Faces” would be a serious understatement.  I recently started participating in their photo challenges and Fix-It Fridays, and I’ve got to say, the things I’ve learned, the inspiration I get, and how much fun it is really keeps me motivated to move forward with this photography obsession I have right now.

The I ♥ Faces blog is celebrating its One-Year Birthday this week, and holy cow, are they ready to celebrate!!  The line-up of judges is a little intimidating, but I’m very excited to participate!  Happy Birthday!

This week’s challenge is to submit the “Best Face Photo” you’ve taken in December 2009 or January 2010.  My friend asked me if I’d take some photos of her boys in December, and I won’t turn away an opportunity to practice, especially for a friend.  I was worried I wasn’t going to get anything worth saving that day, but when I got back home to look at what I’d taken, I was relieved.  Sharpness is something I’ve been working very hard on lately, and while I still have a long way to go, I was thrilled with the sharp eyes, catch lights, and being able to capture the overall beauty of his face.

Best Face Photo Entry


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16 thoughts on “I ♥ Faces: Best Face Photo

  1. Gorgeous photograph! Great job with the sharpness…it’s something I’m trying hard to work on as well (but when I’m in manual mode, apparently the camera and I ‘see’ different focuses…and when in automatic, I have trouble getting the camera to ! ;D)

  2. What a gorgeous shot! Great bokeh too 🙂 Sharpness looks great from here! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and here I thought I was the only Kristen Lea too!! Lea is my middle name as well, but I never met anyone else who spells it the same way. My husband still argues with me about how it’s pronounced!! Harumph!! Nice to “meet” you 😉 and good luck with your entry xx

  3. Hi, my name is Gabriel, I´m an orthodontist from south Brazil. I’m developing a publication about aesthetics to my dental Office (see the site). Could I use the image of the little boy. I can send you the final art for your authorization.
    Thanks. By the way, beautiful photos!

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