Attempts at Portrait Photography

I don’t know how portrait photographers do it, but they make taking people pictures look so easy.  I’ve had the opportunity to take some photos of friends this year, and I honestly loved it, but it really made me appreciate how skilled these professionals are.  It’s not easy getting faces to look in the same direction at the same time, capture great lighting, all while getting sharp, crisp images, especially when there are little ones involved.  But having two little girls has forced me to work on my (soon to be, one of these days) lightning speed reflexes!

All I know is that getting a good image, even if I have to shoot 200 photos, is like hitting the jackpot.  Even though I literally do take hundreds of photos at times, sometimes I luck out.  Here are a few that I just love.

Showing Daddy Some Love


Look at those eyes...


A Little Angel with Mama


Male Bonding


A Future Design Star



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