Making the Nice List

The girls each received a letter in the mail the other day from Santa.  Yes, Santa.  They were so excited… a little confused, because you’re supposed to write to Santa, not the other way around, but they could barely contain themselves!

I’m always impressed with people, like Santa, who not only think of nice things to do for people but who have the ability to follow through with those ideas.  It’s pretty inspiring.

Thank you, Santa, and all you thoughtful people out there!

Nice List Confirmation



One thought on “Making the Nice List

  1. These two have personalities that are far apart but both
    will have am impact on the world around them in a
    positive way. The girls are a major reason we moved
    to the “peninsula”. We had the opportunity to see the
    other greatgrandkids grow and needed to spend time
    with you two and the kids.

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